Local Shelter Angel

Shelter Angels is the fundraising arm of USAPetCONNECT™.

We believe that many conscious local businesses and individuals innately would like to donate and help be part of the solution. However, in more difficult economic times it helps if there’s “something in it for them”, so to speak.

Shelter Angels develops win-win opportunities that any local animal charity can now leverage (at no cost to them) to reach out to the small business community within their area via many of the same communication networks already in place. These opportunities represent considerable value to business owners with 50% of proceeds going to help raise up to $10,000 for each local charity.

Shelter Angels gives local animal charities a platform to quickly raise "significant" resources while at the same time introducing their mission to hundreds of local small business owners that they may never have reached before. And the exciting part is that after the initial campaign they have an opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship with these conscientious local business owners.

Our hope is that the success we see here can be effectively re-produced for other Rescue Groups and Humane Societies throughout North America. So our efforts together could in fact have a significant impact on 100's of shelters and 100's of thousands of homeless pets.

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A portion of our profits go to support LOCAL animal services and charities.

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