Points to Remember for Getting a Wonderful Pet Cat

You may be tempted by the cuddly cat you saw in the advertisement or movie. But, you must understand that owning pet cats is not an easy job and you should think several times before purchasing a feline friend. Usually cats live up to 12 years, and if they are really healthy and properly cared for, their lifespan can increase to 20 years also. Therefore, you should realize that you and your cat are going to spend a long life together and all decisions should be made on this point.

Perhaps the most crucial element of owning a pet cat is how compatible the cat is. It is not just about the companionship between the cat and its owner. The cat you choose should match with your lifestyle and environment. Though cats lead a very independent and self-sufficient life, there is no denying the fact that they long for the love and company of the members of the house. If the cat does not get the desired attention, it will not grow and develop properly.

When you are planning to buy a pet cat, you should take into account some important factors like age, gender, and breed.

Kittens enjoy playing. They can just be anywhere and everywhere; you may think that they will not get into a particular small place, the next thing you see is the kittens coming out of that very place. They nip at the heels and nibble the fingers of the members of he house. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you can tolerate all these when you have a kitten at home. If you are looking for a grown up cat, get one that is 1 or 2 years old as cats of this age are more settled than the playful kittens. Apart from age, the breed of the cat also decides its behavior. Some are very active while some other varieties are much more laid back and relaxed.

If you do not want a lot of cats or kittens playing around in your house, it would be a good idea to spay or neuter your pet cat. When the female cats go into heat, most of the times they behave badly. If you do not neuter the male cat, your house will be full of things that smell with the pungent spray from your pet. Pet cats also require regular visits to vets and they must be vaccinated at the right time to maintain their health. Cats usually have problems like worms, feline leukemia and blockages in the urinary tract. Find a vet who can give you the best service and help you find out the symptoms at a very early stage.

The compatibility of the cat with its owner is majorly determined by its breed. Siamese or the Russian blue form a real bond with its owners. They will be constantly following you and will be playing and communicating with you all the time. Other types of cats love to relax in a cozy spot while the owner is busy, and they snuggle up to you only at night. Persian cats need daily grooming as their long and thick hair tends to mat easily. Those with shorter hair like the Siamese do not need that much care. Always remember that you should be comfortable with the time you spend on grooming cats. If you are spending more, it can be stressful for you. Choose the one that can suit your lifestyle and time.

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