Snakes – The Unusual Pets

Do you have plans to get a pet snake? While some people find snakes scary, some others find them very attractive and lovable. Most of such snake lovers keep snakes as pets. Though many people would love to keep snakes as pets, they have absolutely no idea about which types of snakes can be good for them. If you are a first time buyer of pet snakes, you must know a lot of things to understand which species will be the most suitable pet snake for you.

You need to consider a lot of things before buying your first pet snake. Find out how much space is there to keep them. Do you intend to handle them? Are you annoyed or upset by the eating habits of the snake? Do you want only one snake or do you like to have more population of snakes?

After you have decided all these, you should consider the different varieties of snakes that you can keep as pets. The following are five common types of pet snakes that you can buy. Though there are more types of snakes that can be kept as wonderful pets, it would be a good idea to start with these types as they will help you to get some idea about which will be suitable for a first timer like you.

Corn Snakes
Beginners can buy corn snakes as they make great pet snakes. They are smaller in size with about 3 to 5 feet long, and are also physically strong. They are not picky about what they eat and are easy to feed. You can give them frozen mice. You do not have to buy or build large enclosures to keep them. Corn snakes are really tough reptiles and can endure rough handling. For this very reason, they are excellent for first time pet snake owners who have not much experience in keeping snakes.

Ball Pythons
They are very friendly and calm snakes. Their small size makes them ideal for small areas. You can take care of them very easily and they are not bothered by handling. They eat mice or rats. You can give them frozen food if you do not like the sight of the ball pythons killing and eating live animals.

Milk Snakes
These are small sized snakes. Since these snakes like to escape from their enclosures, make sure that you cover their containers with secure wire tops. They are shy snakes and love to hide; so the enclosures must have places for them to retreat. Frozen mice are enough for milk snakes. They are easily scared and need time to get used to being handled.

King Snakes
They come in a variety of colors and patterns. These are calm snakes and are very easy to look after. You need only a small cage for them. King snakes are tough but they are also gentle to humans. Frozen mice or rats will be enough for them.

Rat Snakes
Even children can handle these snakes as they are hardy and do not mind rough handling. You can give them frozen mice as there is a chance of the live food biting the snake. In winter they may hibernate and stop eating.

Do a thorough research before you buy any of these pet snakes. Since they have a long lifespan, make extra care in selecting the species you want.

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