Strategies for Positive Pet Dog Training

You can employ many different methods to train your dog and teach him discipline. However, positive dog training is considered as the most successful method. Positive dog training is a type of pet dog training wherein your dog is encouraged to learn to correct his behavior so that the dog will realize which an acceptable behavior is and which a wrong one is.

The principle or logic of positive dog training rests on the fact that your dog wants to make you happy. You must find ways to let the dog understand when you are happy and when you are not. This will help in improving and strengthening the communication between the dog and the owner.

Patting your dog or offering a few happy words of appreciation can be a very satisfying reward for your pet dog. You can also choose to reward your dog with a food item or a new toy when it does a good job.

You should also know how to punish or reprimand your dog when it behaves in a wrong way or does not obey you. The basic rule of successful dog training is that you should never hit or smack your pet dog. And, if you yell at your dog for misbehavior, that also is not going to have any effect. If you just ignore your pet, it would be a good punishment for doing something unacceptable.

For instance, if your dog has the habit of jumping up on you, you should not yell at him. Instead, fold your arms across the chest and turn your back on the dog and look somewhere else. You have to keep in mind that your pet dog is demanding your attention and love. If you push the dog away when he is jumping up to you, it thinks that you are giving him attention, and it will continue to do so. When you start ignoring him, he will understand that jumping is not an acceptable behavior and will correct it himself. This way he will be learning his own lessons faster.

When your dog stops jumping and sits down, you must appreciate him and pat him to show that you are happy. You have to reward any good behavior immediately. Only then the dog will understand that what he has done now is the proper way to behave. This is the secret of successful pet dog training.

Some people consider it cruel to make the dog do a job or finish an activity before offering a treat. This is not right. Wild dogs have to search for food the whole day. They will get their reward when they successfully carry out this expected job. They will come back to the pack and get the love of the other members. Though dogs have become domestic pets, you cannot take away their natural instincts for hunting and emotional requirement to be a part of a pack. If you want your dog to be a happy, well-behaved, and disciplined member of your family, you must understand that dogs will complete a task first and then get their reward. If you follow this basic rule, training your pet dog can be easier.

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