What To Know Before Buying Pet Birds

Birds are wonderful pets. You do not have to spend too much in terms of pet food if you have birds. Birds are easier to maintain and almost everyone will like birds, probably more than cats and dogs.

If you are fond of pet birds, you have a wide variety to choose. There are many types of parrots that can speak if given proper training and they also perform some wonderful tricks. Parrots are really lovable pets. Some pet birds like budgies and cockatiels are easier to keep while some varieties of parrots and specialty finches require more effort from the pet owners’ side.

The most economical and the most convenient pet birds are the budgies. They cost less and are cheaper to maintain also. The greatest benefit is that they are very lively and spirited birds that can lighten up the whole atmosphere of the house.

If you are buying finches and canaries, look for those that are very interactive with the other birds and also move sprightly around the cage.

If you notice birds with puffed up feathers or those that sit quietly, beware that they may be having some illness. Stay away from such birds. Patches of balding, loss of toes, and wound marks are also signs that tell you to avoid buying these birds. Though these are not symptoms of imminent and immediate death, it can be the signs of a trying situation or environment. These birds may have problems in adjusting to a new setting.

Though most of the pet birds are really cheap, there are also the exotic varieties that are very expensive. Hand reared and tamed birds cost more than the novices. However, they can bond easily with their owners as they already have experience in interacting with humans. It is also possible for the untamed birds to be trained and tamed by the owner with the help of expert advice.

You must be sure of the requirements of your pet birds before you buy them. The most important and the most costly item that you would buy for your bird will be the cage. If the size of the cage does not suit the needs of your pet, you definitely have to buy another one. You must check that the size of the cage is perfect for your bird. It should not be too spacious or too congested. An important aspect while buying the cage is that the bars of the cage should not be spaced too wide so that the birds can escape through them. Check whether you can remove, clean, and replace the feeder coups or cups without any difficulty. This is important because if the feeder coups cannot be replaced, then the cages will not be of any use.

While buying pet birds, you must know their lifespan. Otherwise you will incur a lot of pet bill even after your pet bird has left this world. You must also bear in mind that many of the professional shelters do not re-home pet birds as they do with cats and dogs.

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